Bathroom Renovation Considerations

The is probably the most visited room in the house and second, only to the kitchen, in importance. Therefore, when planning a , it is important to consider several key points to ensure a successful result.

Why are you considering a bathroom renovation? It is important to know the reasons you want a new bathroom from the outset, to make sure the end result fills all your needs. Your reasons will help you determine what you will need to include in the .

The bathroom is a very personal space, whether it is to be shared or is for your own exclusive use. It needs to reflect your style, and that of the rest of the house, as well as be practical, attractive and easy to clean. The room must meet the needs of all who are going to use it.

The first thing to think about is how the bathroom is used. If you only have time for a quick shower, shave or makeup application before running out the door in the mornings, the design and style will be very different to if you intend to have a huge bath in which you can soak and unwind for a couple of hours at a time.

Another point to consider is the age of the people who will use the bathroom. Young children grow up, so when designing a kids’ bathroom, allow for their tastes to change. Adults get older, so if the room will still be in use when the adults are aged, consideration needs to be given to including some safety features such as grab rails and non-slip surfaces.

Many homes have more than one bathroom these days, so considering who will use the room is important. The ages and number of users will help to determine exactly what features are required and the number of things like towel rails and hand-basins you will need. Looking at how the current bathroom functions, and noting its shortfalls, will help ensure that the remodeled bathroom has everything it needs.

Look at the current bathroom and decide what needs to change. Does the configuration work for those who use it? Is there sufficient space and storage? Is the ventilation adequate or is mould a problem or do the towels stay damp? Is there sufficient light in the room or do you need to turn the light on in the daytime? By working out what is not working in your current bathroom, you will have a clearer picture of what the renovation needs to achieve.

It is vital to decide on your budget before you start any work on renovating a bathroom. Work out what you can afford and stick to it to avoid a renovation disaster. If your budget is tight, you may have to make some tough decisions but try not to compromise on the basics. Make sure the bathroom you create has all the features you need, even if you have to forego something you really wanted.

You will need to decide on the style of the new bathroom. Do you want to go vintage or ultra-modern or somewhere in between? Deciding on the style will help you choose the fittings and fixtures and make sure they coordinate with each other and the rest of the house.

So you see there are many points you need to consider when you are planning a bathroom renovation. Effective prior planning in conjunction with consultation with an accredited renovator will make sure you are happy with the end result.